Mobile Application Testing PPT



What is Web Application

Web applications are generalized for multiple platforms and not installed locally but made available over the Internet through a browser. Eg: Online Banking Services

What is Native Application

Native applications are developed for a specific platform and installed on a computing device. Eg: Camera+ for iOS and Keepassdroid for Android

Hybrid Application:

A hybrid application (hybrid app) is one that combines elements of both native and Web applications Eg: Microsoft Word

Hybrid application features:

  • Can function whether or not the device is connected.
  • Integration with a device’s file system.
  • Integration with Web-based services.
  • An embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content.

Types of Applications in Mobile fall in to three categories:

1.       Web Based Applications
2.       Pre-Installed Applications
3.       Installable Applications

Web Based Applications

A.      Web Based Applications are built for mobile browsers
B.      Can be accessed by entering the specific url in mobile browser
C.      No installation/un-Installations are required
D.      No upgraded involved
E.       Speed is a critical aspect
F.       User entered values can’t be stored in the device database locally, until user allows storing information in Cache.

Pre-installed Applications

A.      Applications which are shipped as in built software with the mobile device
B.      No Downloads involved
C.      No installation /Un-installation involved
D.      Automatic upgrades can be done but it is software specific
E.       Testing of these Applications in prototypes is very critical
F.       They deal with the core data and functions of the device
a.       If anything goes wrong, the core database might get corrupt
G.     They cannot be uninstalled /deleted over
H.      Crashes can cause severe damage to ROM
I.        Only way to remove the applications is to flush the ROM and upgrade

Installable Applications

  1. Can be upgraded:
  2. -This is specific to the application design
  3. -Also depends on the source from where it is downloaded
  4. -Can be installed/Un-installed from the device
  5. -Can be downloaded from
  6. -AppStore or OTA (over the air) the URL which leads to download of the application

Some of the points to consider while doing Mobile Testing

  • Testing in various network strengths like Low, Medium, High
  • Testing during the change of Network strength from low to high and high to low
  • Testing in various Battery Strengths like Critical, Low, High and during charging
  • Monitoring Battery Consumption pattern while running the application in foreground, Background and for long time
  • Interruptions:  Activities which can occur parallel with in the device while application is being installed, launched, run, exit, uninstalled.
  • Examples of Interruptions like Receiving Incoming call, Lose Network connectivity and regain it, Activated Camera, Remove Battery, Shutdown the device.
  • Testing with different input modes in different platforms .Input modes like Single Touch, Multiple Touch, and Track ball/Track Wheel and key pad etc.
  • Device modes in different platforms
  • Portrait & Landscape
  • UI Should be properly aligned as per mode
  • Test Cases around mode change while running in background

The real challenges that QA would be facing while testing Mobile Application are as below:

  • Time pressure
  • Inadequate processes
  • Lack of physical devices
  • Lack of test plans, Validation issues
  • Diversity in Platforms and different OS currently present in the market such as Android, I-phone etc.